Limo Service Dallas

Serving business travelers for over 16 years, the AFC Transportation Network currently operates in over 20 cities Georgia, with a fleet of more than 12 vehicles.
Fellas, let’s go to Dallas!
Get in the mood to rove off to places you only ever dreamed of with Car Service Dallas GA. Add sparkle to your appearance with Limo Service Dallas by getting to the parties in the shining limousines. Color is yours to decide! The appearances may be misguiding because Limo Service Dallas is in for traveling with low fares to make its vehicles approachable for all to ride in. Get overjoyed with your fellas by riding together in a vehicle of your choice depending upon the number of peers you have.


AT for terrific, T for Trio. 3 makes a group and 3 occupies a Sedan. Count the luggage each person carries and it will be a ride for 6. Short is a description for something extraordinary and Sedan may be the shortest vehicle utilized by Car Service Dallas GA but the erudite chauffeurs transform it into a big ride.


S for Super, S for Seven. Seven is the perfect number for a family and your family has an offer of 14 benefits, 7 for the passengers, 7 for their luggage. It is time to put things into action by giving a push start to the planning you have been doing for that long trip with your family because Car Service Dallas GA has something great planned out for you.


T for Tantalizing, T for Ten. Ten sit in the Van and do what they can. Explore the splendors with your crew through the specially designed windows of the Van drove by Car Service Dallas GA. Give in to the comfort zone awaiting to embrace you through the leather seats in the interior of the Van. Lose yourself in the sounds produced by the high definition audio system fitted to calm you.

Price is nice!

Travel to the Airport from anywhere in Dallas with Car Service Dallas GA in Sedan for only $69. If you prefer to travel in SUV then you will be charged $84 for It only. For luxurious rides to the Airport in Van, pay only $94 and have a safe flight. Sightseeing does not demand raised prices either. Travel at $50 per hour in Sedan, $60 per hour in SUV and $70 per hour in Van. The fun does not reach its limits here because Car Service Dallas GA has an exclusive offer for all its customers: The 4 hours consecutive drive through Dallas. Choose to travel in Sedan in $150 for 4 hours, in SUV in $180 for 4 hours and in Van in $210 for 4 hours. It is totally affordable!

Be wise on track!

Car Service Dallas GA beats the other limo companies because of its wise use of technology. Google Maps is now widely used and benefitted from but some companies still do not use it and their customers are not very satisfied. The customer’s comfort is Car Service Dallas GA’s top priority and so you can make use of our application to book a ride with just your mobile from anywhere in Dallas instead of waiting for a bus at the bus station or waiting for a taxi to come pick you up from some deserted place. Call us and ride home safely and punctually.

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