Rome Limousine Service

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Rome Limosuine Service
Rome is the 19th largest city in United States and a haven for anyone who wants to escape the metropolitan rush. Don’t let the size of the city set you off because there is much more to the city than you can probably imagine. If you want to spend some quality time out from your home then consider Rome as one option because you will create memories here for a lifetime.

When in Rome…

Splash at Cave Spring: Water is always fun to play with and even better when the water is all fresh and natural just like here where you will come across natural springs. So, bring along your jugs and enjoy drinking it and splash a little to awaken yourself. The cave itself has an entrance where you have to pay as little as $1 for one person.

    • Hike the Jackson Hill


this trail head is located near the Visitor Center and goes along the earthen forts which were built to defend Rome during the Civil War. Don’t get lost getting to the place and hire a Rome taxi service to reach safely

    • Explore the Old mill:

Berry College offers a little more than just education and the beautiful campus outlook clearly explains that. The campus has these attractive woods that draw you towards them and additionally has some wildlife to admire too. Just at the back of these grounds is the Old Mill which is yet another presence to get amazed by.

  • Meditate


How cool it is for Rome to have a labyrinth? Pretty much and even though it was originally an amphitheater but then people worked to convert it to what it is now. You can decide if you want to meditate here or just have a great time walking the paths and playing games. Whatever your reason may be, time will be well spent. Don’t worry about reaching there and coming back home because Limo service Rome is there to answer all your transportation requirements.