vacations in atlanta

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vacations in atlanta

You go to spots in Atlanta this summer

Now that 4th of July is over and everyone is back to their work, the routine life seems almost boring. There is, however, good news for the people of Atlanta because the whole month of July is going to be an interesting one for them. The city of Atlanta has a lot happening in the coming days that you should certainly look forward to. AFC transportation comes with their car service Atlanta to accompany you in all those visits. For those who want to have an idea of what the month of July has to offer them, this list will surely be of great help;

Arrive at the Gourmet Gala in our luxurious Atlanta limousine service

Date: July 18

charter-page Summertime in Atlanta city is filled with great attractions in form of festivals and a lot more. People have always given food the first priority when it comes to festivity and celebration. What better it is to have an entire festival dedicated to delicious cuisine and mouthwatering recipes. Puritan Mill at Atlanta city hosts a charity event where a variety of food is present along with an amazing auction. All the money collected is donated to the charity, so there is a great cause too behind all that fun. Actions like these can be really busy for one to manage their own car. Call Atlanta limousine service to travel with ease. Car service Atlanta will make sure your time spent in your journey is just as interesting.

Musical comedy

Date: July 18- Aug 5

Music is always a good way to spend time and even better when you are enjoying it live. The famous Legacy theatre in Tyrone has a musical comedy show playing on weekdays for a ticket of $25. The price isn’t much if you look at all the fun it brings for you and also your friends if you plan to go together. Plan a day with your friends and hire car service in Atlanta to assist you for the day. Not only will you be worry free for your traveling and from all the car hassles, but Atlanta limousine service will make every second of your journey a memorable experience.

Garden party for adults

Date: July 19 – Sep 27

Adults too have something specifically for them to look forward to this July. Nothing is better than spending time with your fellow mates and reminiscing the old days. Atlanta city has this Garden Party scheduled for adults at the Atlanta Botanical Garden. You get to stroll through the garden with cocktails, live music and of course good old conversations that we all love. Give yourself rest from all that driving too and have car service Atlanta serve you throughout the day. Atlanta limousine service will pick and drop you on time along with guarantee for your safety.

Yoga festival

Date: July 20-July 22

Sometimes, a simple movie time with your close mates can be a perfect night out plan. Atlanta city has Georgia’s largest drive-in theatre with about six screens in total. It has been in the city for more than 50 years now and is particularly famous for its nigh time movie times. During summer time, local people host activities like food trucks and art displays to make the time even fun and exciting for visitors from other areas as well. Car service Atlanta should be your go-to transportation because of the reliability, comfort, and luxury it offers. You can call for the car service Atlanta to assist you for both arrival and departure, even at late hours. This level of comfort is only available at limo service Atlanta.

Free movies

Date: July 21-September 15

Who doesn’t like free movies being shown outdoors? Everyone loves it. Georgia movies in the Park bring to you three days packed with excitement featuring your most demanded movies. They are playing Star Wars and Ferdinand in the month of July on three separate days. Every time the location will be different, so it doesn’t matter if you don’t know the way to it. Call Atlanta limousine service and focus on the amazing time that you will have ahead. Car service Atlanta will drop you back home safely even if you get free late at night from the movies.

Car show

Date: July 22

Today in the 21st century, automobile and bikes etc. are not only an interest to boys but girls as well. This auto show scheduled in this month is going to be full of auto attractions that will fulfill the craving for your eyes. In addition to multiple models of cars, motorcycles and other vehicles, there are also food and game stalls to make the time even more fulfilling. All the proceeds from this will straight go to charity; a perfect way to end the show. While you’re planning to go see the high end as well as vintage cars, make sure that you travel in style as well. Step out of a beautiful stretch limo of Atlanta limousine service and make an impression on the audience around.

African Dance festival

Date: July 27-29

Learning other cultures and experiencing their festivity is a great step into acknowledging this fast pace of globalization. For all those who look forward to such events, the African dance festival is a great way to live that experience. Here, people will get to enjoy a craft market, food vendors and drum classes all inspired by African culture. This will all take place at Sylvan Hills middle school on a weekend. If you are planning to go with your entire family, then a limo service would be best for that. Atlanta limousine service or car service Atlanta will be available 24/7 for your travel requirements.

The above mentioned events are few of the many that will take place the entire month of July, 2018. Wherever you plan to go or spend your time just be sure on one thing and that is your travel assistant; Atlanta limousine service. Our car service Atlanta is there for you day and night with the best of limo models sure to give you that luxurious experience we all expect.

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